KAK Industry 10MM/40S&W COMPENSATOR 9/16×24 Muzzle

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KAK Industry 10MM/40S&W COMPENSATOR 9/16×24

General Info: There are three main types of muzzle devices for your weapon: flash suppressors/flash hiders, muzzle brakes, and compensators. AR-15s are getting more popular every day partially due to their low recoil and muzzle rise. With a good muzzle, brake recoil can be reduced even more and with a good compensator, muzzle rise significantly drops, almost vanishing. While muzzle flash cannot be eliminated, it can be significantly reduced with a quality flash hider. These muzzle devices are becoming increasingly popular due to how easy they are to put on (5-10 minutes), their incredible efficiency, and because they make a good-looking gun.

About This Muzzle Device: This compensator from KAK Industries is made with high-quality material and a tough, durable finish. It is the same size as the A2 Birdcage and has a closed end with holes in the upward position. This compensator makes a great addition to your 40-caliber build.

Threading: 9/16×24 is a common thread type for muzzle devices made for .40 caliber projectiles, commonly found on AR barrels chambered in .40 Cal and 10mm.

Finish: Manganese Phosphate – Manganese Phosphate finishes are used on barrels to protect against corrosion and wear. Manganese Phosphate finish is considered for its toughness and is used in multiple different applications such as aerospace, ordnance, and other firearms-related parts.

Pin & Weld Ready: No

Brand: KAK Industry
Model: 10MM/40S&W COMPENSATOR 9/16×24
Finish: Manganese Phosphate
Platform: AR-15 PCC
Thread Pitch: 9/16×24
Caliber Compatibility: 40 Cal., 10mm
Type: Compensator
P&W Ready: No

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