GLOCK Base Pad 19/23 +4/+5 With +10% Spring BLACK


Introducing our Mag Extension Base Pad designed specifically for Glock 19/23, offering a capacity boost of +4/+5 rounds and equipped with a +10% spring for enhanced performance.

**Key Features:**
– Premium Material: Constructed from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, ensuring durability and strength, with a hard-anodized finish available in various colors.
– Threaded Safety Pin: Features a threaded safety pin to secure the magazine base pad firmly in place, preventing accidental detachment during rigorous training or combat scenarios.
– Increased Capacity: Boosts your magazine’s capacity, providing a competitive advantage over adversaries.
– Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with Glock G19 and G23 models, as well as compact 9mm, .40, and .357 Glock OEM magazines.

**Package Includes:**
– 1 Magazine Extension for Glock 19/23 with spring.

Elevate your Glock’s performance with our Mag Extension Base Pad, engineered for reliability, durability, and increased capacity, giving you the edge you need in critical situations.

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