Base Pad for Glock 17/22/34/35 +5/6 Full Size Mag Extensions BLACK



Our pin set screws are meticulously set with Loctite®, ensuring optimal tension without the need for frequent adjustments. Attempting to tighten the base pad screw is discouraged due to the secure Loctite® setting; forcing the set screw may risk damaging or stripping it. Please note, we do not cover base pads for any damage resulting from tampering with the set screw, including stripped heads or lost pins.

– Both extensions are compatible with Glock 45 9mm firearms and Glock 19X firearms.
– Designed specifically to work with 17-round 9mm and 15-round .40 cal Glock OEM magazines.
– Not compatible with Glock 19 magazines.

**Important Notes:**
– Magazine body is not included with the purchase of a base pad.
– Our product has only been tested with Glock OEM magazines.

**GLOCK 9/40 +5/6**

*Not for sale in states with magazine capacity regulations.*

– **Remove the metal insert at the bottom before installation.**
– **Not compatible with early generation Glock mags with u-notch cut feed lips.**
– **Will not function with 10-round magazines.**

Introducing the TTI Firepower Base Pad Kit for GLOCK, offering enhanced magazine capacity and performance.

– The +5/6 Base Pad includes a +10% stronger spring with purchase.
– Overall weight: 1.6oz.
– Length: 1 1/2 inch (front side), 3/4 inch (back side).
– Compatible with all full-size double-stacked GLOCKs.
– Patented push pin design for quick and secure attachment/detachment.
– Easy disassembly without specialty tools or devices.
– One-piece design eliminates the risk of losing extra parts during disassembly.
– Meets USPSA 140mm gauge requirements.
– Ideal for full-size magazines.
– Holds 20+1 rounds of .40S&W.
– Holds 23+1 rounds of 9mm.
– CNC machined from billet aluminum for durability.
– Hard-Anodized finish for added strength and longevity.

Experience smoother reloads with our TTI Firepower Base Pad Kit, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of competitive shooting and tactical applications.

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