AR15/AR10 Quick release detach push button sling swivel adaptor picatinny rail mount

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SH-PRMQD – Quick release detach push-button sling swivel adaptor Picatinny rail mount

1. Quick Detach Sling Swivel QD:
Quick Detach Push Button Sling Swivel
Push-button on top for quick release from sling
Fits most Weapons with QD Sling Swivel Mount
Made by steel
2. Clamp-on Single Point Sling Adapter
   Strong & Simple
  Just remove your buttstock, Loosen the Allen head screw on the clamp
  Slide it down the tube and tighten that’s all with this single point adapter
  Quick & Simple !!!!!
  Made of anodized Aluminium Complete with Hexagon Wrenches
Installation instructions:
1. Remove your Butt Stock from your Buffer Tube
2. Loosen the locking bolt on the Clamp
3. Slide the Clampdown the Buffer Tube till it is completely over the Castle Nut,
    Then re-tighten the Allen Head locking screw on the Clamp.
Package Includes:
1 x Clamp-on Single Point Sling buffer tube Adapter
1 x Quick Detach QD Sling Swivel
1 x Allen Wrenches

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