Lone Wolf SS 17/22 Guide Rod w/Long Tungsten Guide Rod Extension

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Description: Stainless Steel Guide Rod with a Long Tungsten Guide Rod Extension for G17L/24.


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Introducing our NEW Uncaptured Guide Rod with a Tungsten extension for extra weight where you need it!

Our new Tungsten guide rod extensions are the perfect complement to the LWD guide rods for competition shooters!

Product Features:

  • No guide rod cap, which means you get an uncaptured guide rod for free movement
  • Specially made for competition shooting
  • Easy installation
  • Extra weight in the muzzle to reduce muzzle flip
  • Can be customizable with any weight ISMI recoil spring
  • Can be used in Gen4 with LWDGR4Adapter

Weight Differences between Stainless Guide Rods VS Stainless Guide Rods with Tungsten Extensions
Stainless G17/22 Guide Rod  vs Stainless Guide Rod (G17/22) w/Tungsten Long Extension (Fits G17/22)
0.544 oz 1.52 oz

Stainless G17/22 Guide Rod vs Stainless Guide Rod (G17/22) w/Tungsten Short Extension (Fits G34/35)
0.544 oz 1.18 oz

Stainless G20/21 Guide Rod vs Stainless Guide Rod (G20/21) w/Tungsten Extension (Fits G40)
0.544 oz 1.19 oz

*These weights do not include the springs

For Gen 1-3 Installation:

Insert the guide rod as a non-captured guide rod installation.  Place slide onto the frame in the locked back position.  We recommend using Loctite at this time on the extension’s threads.  Thread the extension on the guide rod and allow Loctite to dry fully before shooting according to manufacturers’ instructions.

For Gen 4 Installation:

Place the ISMI spring over the guide rod, and compress the ISMI spring. Place the LWDGR4Adapter, then Loctite threads of guide rod extension and thread onto guide rod.  Place in the slide.  Allow Loctite to dry completely according to manufactures instructions before shooting.

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