Lone Wolf Distributors, AlphaWolf Barrel For Glock 19 9mm Stock Length

SKU: AW-19N-2461


Alpha Wolf barrels establish the benchmark for absolute accuracy and combat reliability. It is the pinnacle of what every other barrel manufacturer strives to be.

Barrel Features:

  • It fits all Glock generations
  • Designed for lead, plated, or jacketed ammunition
  • Certified, stress-relieved 416 stainless steel
  • Button rifled, three-stage honed bore
  • Industry recognized SBN premium coating (SBN is Salt Bath Nitride, similar to Tennifer)
  • Heat treated to RC 40-42, then SBN coating increases surface hardness to RC 60
  • Exacting tolerances allow for drop-in installation
  • Fluting creates a path for heat and debris to escape

Due to SBN coating, we are unable to custom chamber or custom crown Alpha Wolf barrels

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