KAK Industry 1/2×36 9MM Mini Compensator Muzzle

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KAK Industry 1/2×36 9MM Mini Compensator

Choosing the right muzzle device for your build is usually one of the last things to consider for a 9mm AR-15. However, you will be able to take the already easily manageable 9mm cartridge and make it even better to wield with a muzzle device, allowing for faster follow-up shots, reducing the recoil further, or extra flash hiding capabilities, or even all three at once! Competitors who shoot in competition with Pistol Caliber Carbines love 9mm for its controllability, and even you can use a Muzzle Device with your next 9mm build to make it even better!


About This Muzzle Device: The KAK Industry 9MM Mini Compensator is just 1.25 inches long! This muzzle device does everything the standard KAK Industry compensator can do but with less length. It has a classic, clean design that reduces muzzle rise and recoil at a great price. This compact compensator is proof that big things come in small packages.


Muzzle Type: Compensators – A compensator lowers the rise of your weapon upon the firing of your gun, allowing you to return to the target quicker. It has holes or slots, also known as ports cut only into the upper half of the device, which helps the escaping gases force the muzzle to stay down instead of moving upward. A high-quality compensator helps the shooter stay on target, or return to it faster.


Threading: 1/2×36 is the most common thread type for 9mm muzzle devices, flash hiders, compensators, and muzzle brakes are made to match these threadings.


Finish: Manganese Phosphate – Manganese Phosphate finishes are used on barrels to protect against corrosion and wear. Manganese Phosphate finish is considered for its toughness and is used in multiple different applications such as aerospace, ordnance, and other firearms-related parts.


Ports: This Muzzle Device has 14 ports to compensate for the felt recoil and reduce muzzle climb by pushing the barrel back down, making the shooting experience feel flat without jumping off target.

Brand: KAK Industry
Model: 9MM Mini Compensator, 1/2×36
Finish: Manganese Phosphate
Platform: AR-15 PCC
Thread Pitch: 1/2×36
Caliber Compatibility: 9×19 Luger
Type: Compensator
Ports: 14
P&W Ready: No

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