Front Sight Installation Hex Tool & Armorers Disassembly Tool for Glock

SKU: GMIT1-1407


For Glock Front Night Sight Screw Removal Tool 3/16 Hex 17 19 21 22 23 26 41 42 Tool Glock armorer’s tool
3/16″ Hex Thin Wall Nut Driver
Specifically designed for removing front sights screws from Glock and others.
Large handle fits all hand sizes so you will have a positive and precise grip, tool has a 4.0″ overall length
Thin wall high carbon steel hex is needed because the tight clearance between the slide and hex head of the sight screw.
Our front sight tools have a special flat face that allow full contact with the hex head. Heads on the front sight screws are very low profile and sometimes challanging to remove. This design grips the entire head, this will minimize the chance of slipping off and damaging something.
New Disassembly Tool Takedown Punch For Glock for Slide and Frame All Models Free Shipping
The Glock Disassembly Tool is a convenient tool punch used to easily disassemble a Glock slide or frame. The factory disassembly tool will work with all Glock models, and is a must-have when installing new parts and upgrades.

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