AIM7 MATRA R.550 UTRA 1-1/8X12 & KVP Muzzle Brake for ASR-X

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AIM7 MATRA R.550 ULTRA 1-1/8X12 & KVP Muzzle Brake for ASR

The SME- Sound Mitigation Equipment – nonclass III is a highly effective Linear Comp/Blast Can that allows for excellent shot-to-shot recovery & incorporates an external shroud that reduces lateral auditory reports. When assembled, the unit allows for complete control of dynamic recoil forces while keeping the pressure wave from the shot downrange. This allows for maximum recoil control and a hearing-safe environment for your Teammates or fellow shooters on the firing line.

Colors: Matt Black 6061 Aluminum 
Caliber: 9MM,300BLK, 30 Carbine, 45ACP.308 (5/8X24)
Thread Pattern:9MM,556,223,22LR (1/2X28)
Length: 3.29″
Tube Diameter: 1.55″
Tube Inside Thread Pitch: 1.375″x24


1 – Matra Tube 2.75″ 1.375 x 24
1 – Bravo ASR 1-/18×12 Adapter
1 – Bravo Light Front Cap
1 – Kaw Valley ASR Muzzle

The Kaw Valley Precision Muzzle Brake is seamlessly engineered to be fully compatible with ASR (Active Spring Retention) mounting systems. Designed to effortlessly attach and detach from your firearm, our brake ensures quick and hassle-free adjustments to your shooting setup without the need for timing or shims.

Compatible with the following SilencerCo ASR mounting systems:

  • Alpha: Harvester 300 and Omega K Series, and Octane Series
  • Bravo: Harvester EVO, Hybrid 46, Harvester 338, Omega 300, and Scythe-Ti
  • Charlie: Saker ASR Series, Chimera 300, Omega 36M, and Hybrid 46M


  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Material
  • Black Nitride QPQ Finish
  • OAL: 2.05″
  • Bore: .500 (ANY Caliber)


    • 1/2×28: 3.6oz
    • 5/8×24: 3.2oz
    • 5/8×32: 3.3oz
    • 1/2×36: 3.6oz
    • 11/16×24: 3.1oz
    • 9/16×24: 3.4oz

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.40 Cal(9/16x24tpi), .40-.458 Cal (11/16x24tpi), 223/556 (1/2x28tpi), 30 cal (5/8x24tpi), 458 Socom (5/8x32tpi), 9mm (1/2x36tpi)

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