Aim7 GEN 1-3 GUIDE ROD Thrust bearing FOR GLOCK 17 22 24 31 34 35 37

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Experienced shooters realize plastic guide rods can chip, crack or break resulting in feeding or ejection failures and guide rod flex can contribute to accuracy problems. The AIM7 Rod Assembly addresses all of these issues and will provide you with a lifetime of reliable service.

Stainless Steel Guide Rod Assemblies with Lone Wolf  Springs

Special features include:

  • Complete drop-in unit for Gen 1-3 Glocks
  • Solid, one-piece stainless steel guide rod
  • Precision CNC machined to accept a removable 3/32 Allen head tip
  • Models 17/22 and 20/21 feature LWD’s own 17lb flat wound recoil spring
  • Models 19/23 use a LWD 18lb flat wound recoil spring
  • These combined features make the Lone Wolf Guide Rod Assembly the most durable, longest-lasting system available today
  • We recommend spring changes every 3,000 rounds for 40/10/357 and every 5,000 rounds for 9/45
  • If you experience the spring slipping over the endcap screw flip the spring around and reinstall, most springs have a slightly tapered end that is best on the endcap side. 

FEATURES: Thrust ball bearings are designed with separable components. This feature greatly facilitates the process of mounting, dismounting, and conducting maintenance inspections. Thrust ball bearings typically consist of three main parts: a shaft washer, a housing washer, and a ball and cage assembly. These components work together to accommodate axial loads and position a shaft in one direction only. It is important to note that thrust ball bearings should not be subjected to any radial load. With their thrust ball design, these bearings efficiently handle axial loads by reducing friction and enabling smooth operation.

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