Trinity Force SBA Silent Buffer .308


Looking for a buffer system that offers superior sound mitigation and easy installation for your LR-308 firearm? Introducing the Trinity Force SBA Silent buffer system. This high-quality buffer system features a unique mechanism that absorbs and dissipates energy more effectively than standard buffer systems, providing a smoother shooting experience with significantly reduced felt recoil.

The SBA Silent Buffer .308 is a drop-in system designed to help the AR-10 platform operate smoothly. This system can also help the platform function quietly as well. It is easy to install and quickly reduces friction and vibration. It is made from high-strength aluminum and steel to help it last.


Fits carbine buffer tubes for AR-10 semi-automatic rifles.
Compatible with A2 buffer tubes when used with A1/A2 spacer adapter.
All-in-one system
High-strength aluminum and steel
Smoother harmonics
Easy install/ No gunsmith needed

Brand: Trinity Force
Model: SBA Silent Buffer .308
Weight: 7.1 oz
Buffer Class: Single Stage
Platform: LR-308

Installation: No special tools are required
Sound reduction: Significant reduction in noise
Recoil reduction: Significant reduction in felt recoil

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