Kaw Valley Precision KVP 9MM Blow Back Bolt Carrier Group


The KVP 9mm BCG is a feature-packed solution for your 9mm Blow Back Carbine or Pistol. Our 9mm BCG is compatible with either Glock or Colt-style magazines. The carrier is constructed of US-made 8620 steel, with a Nitride QPQ finish. The QPQ finish offers excellent wear and weather-resistant properties that are superior to lower-grade phosphate finishing processes. We’ve also added a beefier firing pin retention spring to help lower the likely hood of firing pin breakage, which is common in other 9mm BCGs.

Many aftermarket drop-in triggers use modified hammers and can be temperamental in Blowback systems. For the most consistent results a mil-spec fire control group is recommended. However, in our testing, these aftermarket fire control groups should work in most circumstances: POF, Hiperfire EDT and 24 series, Geissele, Timney, Rock River, and Spikes.

9MM BCG Features:

  • Glock or Colt Compatible
  • USA-made 8620 Steel Carrier Construction
  • Nitride QPQ Finish
  • Heavy Firing Pin Retaining Spring
  • Weight: 14.5oz

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