SKU: BLK-LINEAR-45-40-10M-6004



– Engineered for optimal muzzle blast directionality on .40 Cal, .45 Cal, and 10mm PCC barrels, enhancing shooter comfort.
– The fluted design not only offers a visually appealing, aggressive look but also serves to lighten the overall weight.
– Installation simplicity is assured with no need for a crush washer.
– Designed without bottom porting to minimize dust kick-up during prone shooting.
– Lacks top porting to avoid interference with sight lines through optics or iron sights.
– Fully compatible with pistol calibers up to .45 Cal.


– Caliber Compatibility: .40 Cal, 10mm, .45 Cal
– Construction Material: Steel
– Finish: Melonite QPQ for durability and corrosion resistance
– Weight: 2.57 ounces
– Length: 2.06 inches
– Outer Diameter: Main Body – 0.952 inches; Barrel Muzzle End – 0.73 inches
– Bore Diameter: 0.5 inches
– Threading Options: .578″-28 TPI and 5/8″-24 TPI


Suitable for .40 Cal, .45 Cal, and 10mm Pistol Caliber Carbines equipped with barrels threaded at .578″-28 TPI or 5/8″-24 TPI.


In an industry flooded with multifunctional muzzle devices attempting to cater to all, the reality is a one-size-fits-all approach often falls short. Recognizing this, Kaw Valley Precision has successfully introduced a linear compensator that stands out for its simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability. This component is straightforward to install, promising a significant enhancement to your shooting experience without the complexity or high cost of other options.

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