Glock Universal Steel Mounting Plate For Glock RMR Vortex Burris Red Dot Sight

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This mounting plate is proud to introduce a revolutionary new product The Universal (Optics) Mount for Glock.

It has the lowest height-over-bore mount in the industry without the hassle of cutting your slide or the cost of buying an aftermarket slide!

This includes the Burris* Fast* Fire* II & III, Leupold* Delta Point* reflex sights, Doctors* II & III, EoTech* MRDS*, Trijicon* RMR,*

Vortex Venom and Viper, and many others. The mount itself is secured to the slide via the dovetail with 6 set screws.

Two in the dovetail cut and one forward and aft of the dovetail and two more to prevent any shift. This provides a steady,

sturdy and rugged mount that will repeatedly hold zero.

Other mounting hardware included is 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm screws (two of each) that are used to fit and secure most of the popular optics out there.

Depending on what optic you have you will need to find the screws that correlate with your particular optic.

There are two special screws for Trijicon RMR. Once you secured the GUM to your slide and found the correct post

( two sets of reinforcing posts included) for your optic, go ahead and mount your optic on the post and use the final two longer securing screws to secure your optic to the GUM.

It is highly suggested that you have a gunsmith install the GUM and utilize the correct tools for installation.

Leupold Delta Point* can be mounted but not with reinforced posts to secure 100%


  • Universal optics mount for most proliferated sites in the field
  • Super low-profile
  • Ability to use an optic without cutting your slide.
  • Sleek solid steel construction
  • The mount itself is secured to the slide via the dovetail with 6 set screws.


Fits all Models Except G21/42/43

Length: 48.7mm (1 7/8”)

Width: 28.5mm (1 1/8”)

Height: 3.36mm (1/8”)

Weight: 40g (1.3oz) (with mounting hardware)

Materials: steel

Color: black



1x Mount Plate

Mounting screws


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