Flip Up 45 Degree Fiber Optics- Flip Up Front & Rear Sights with Red and Green Dots


– **Spring Loaded Mechanism:** Enables quick and effortless deployment of the sight, ensuring rapid target acquisition in dynamic situations.
– **Side Locking Button:** Allows for easy adjustment and secure locking, enhancing stability and reliability during use.
– **6061-T6 Aluminum Construction:** Precision-crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, providing exceptional durability and resilience to withstand harsh conditions.
– **Non-Reflective Matte Black Finish:** Reduces glare and reflections, maintaining stealth and minimizing the risk of detection.
– **Tapered Front Sight:** Facilitates precise aiming and target acquisition, enhancing accuracy in various shooting scenarios.
– **Red Front Fiber Optic Dot:** Provides a bright, highly visible aiming point, optimizing sight acquisition even in low-light conditions.
– **Green Two-Dot Rear Sight:** Offers clear contrast and alignment reference with the front sight, ensuring quick and intuitive aiming.
– **Fits Picatinny/Weaver Rails:** Compatible with standard Picatinny/Weaver rails, providing versatile mounting options for a wide range of firearms.
– **45-Degree Offset:** Allows for convenient off-axis aiming, providing versatility and adaptability for shooters in diverse tactical situations.

Enhance your firearm setup with this sight, combining rapid target acquisition, durability, and compatibility for superior performance in any shooting scenario.

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