BREEK ARMS Breek-LOK Quick Detach Suppressor HUB Mount



The Breek-LOK: The Ultimate Quick Detach Suppressor System

Unlock the full potential of your suppressor system with the Breek-LOK, a revolutionary quick detach system designed for seamless operation and unparalleled convenience.

Breek-LOK HUB: Swift, Secure, and Streamlined

The Breek-LOK HUB stands as the pinnacle of quick detach mounts, offering unmatched speed and simplicity in attachment and detachment. Constructed from aerospace-grade titanium, the HUB weighs in at just 2.4 oz, a fraction of the weight of popular HUBS on the market. The streamlined muzzle device profile seamlessly integrates with your firearm, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

  • Material: Titanium, 17-7 stainless spring steel
  • Finish: DLC
  • Adds approximately 1.20 inches to your suppressor after installation
  • Diameter 1.5”
  • Weight: 2.4 oz
  • Rating for .308 and below
  • 1.375×24 TPI HUB Compatible
  • Designed & Manufactured in America

Key Features:

Effortless Installation: With its innovative design, the Breek-LOK allows for rapid attachment with 1.5 turns, eliminating the need for complex maneuvers or additional tools.

Ergonomic Advantage: Unlike traditional mounts that require multi-step operations, collars, or specialized tools, the Breek-LOK simplifies the process by enabling users to grasp the suppressor for a quick, intuitive attachment.

Repeatable Bore Alignment: Featuring a rock-solid tapered mounting interface, the Breek-LOK ensures a secure connection between the suppressor and muzzle device translating to a repeatable point of impact.

Carbon Lock: The proprietary design of the tapers and labyrinth rings creates a robust seal that prevents carbon from infiltrating the mechanism, thus eliminating the dreaded suppressor carbon lock.

Mechanical Advantage: The Breek-LOK HUB utilizes a large diameter fine thread, giving users mechanical advantage and leverage when installing and uninstalling the suppressor. This thread pitch also reduces the risk of tapers locking together through mechanical means or carbon buildup, ensuring easy disengagement when needed.

Ratcheting Mechanism: The inclusion of a ratcheting feature provides additional retention, preventing the suppressor from backing off during use. The detents offer users a solid indication that the mount is securely installed, increasing user confidence and reliability.

Versatile Compatibility: Designed to accommodate 1.375″-24 thread pitch, the Breek-LOK HUB offers compatibility with a wide range of suppressors.

Upgrade to Breek-LOK today and revolutionize your shooting experience.


Description of Operation

The Breek-LOK allows a user to quickly affix and remove their suppressor from a firearm. Insert the muzzle device into the HUB with the UNLOCK indicator at the noon position, apply downward pressure to compress the spring, and turn the suppressor 90 degrees counterclockwise to lock the lugs into place. The LOCK indicator will now be at the noon position. Simply turn the suppressor counterclockwise to ensure the HUB is fully seated to the muzzle device. The user may opt to use two hands to securely seat the suppressor. The detent ring will keep the suppressor from backing off during use.

Additional information

Size: (Required)

223/556 (1/2x28tpi), 9mm (1/2x28tpi), .30 cal (5/8x24tpi), 9mm (1/2x36tpi), 9mm (5/8x24ti), 30 Cal (M14x1LH)

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