AIM7 AR-15/M16 Enhanced Carbine Flat Wire Buffer Tube Kit Mil-Spec


AIM7 AR-15/M16 Enhanced Carbine Flat Wire Buffer Tube Kit Mil-Spec

Since the introduction of the AR-15 in the 1950s, round wire springs have served as the standard. However, our Enhanced Flat Wire Spring surpasses traditional options like music wire, stainless steel, and chrome silicon in several aspects. Unlike round wire springs, our Flat Wire Spring applies greater pressure on the bolt when in battery, slightly increasing bolt lock time and subsequently lowering chamber pressures prior to extraction. Moreover, it aids in smoothly returning the bolt to the battery under adverse conditions and fouling, facilitates the extraction of stubborn rounds from magazines, and may even contribute to reducing the bolt.

The benefits of a flat buffer spring are numerous. Firstly, its design allows for more consistent and even pressure distribution compared to traditional round buffer springs. This can result in smoother cycling of the firearm, reducing felt recoil and muzzle rise. Additionally, flat buffer springs tend to be more durable and resistant to deformation over time, ensuring reliable performance even after prolonged use. Furthermore, their construction often allows for easier installation and maintenance. Overall, the flat buffer spring offers enhanced reliability, durability, and shooting comfort compared to its round counterparts.


  •  AR-15/M6 Enhanced Flat Wire Buffer Spring
  • Optimized for Carbine Length Buffer Tubes
  • SU304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Improved Spring Load Characteristics
  • Reduces Bolt Bounce
  • Reduces Spring Rattle
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Weighs 2 oz

Bolt Forward in Battery:

Mil-Spec     ~ 10 – 10.34lbs F1=46.17+-7.32N

Bolt Locked to Rear:

Mil-Spec     ~ 14 lbs -F2=63.76 -+7.77N


Recommended Uses:

Use our AR-15 Enhanced Flat Wire Buffer Spring on any gas-operated small frame AR calibers such as:

  • .223 Rem/5.56 NATO
  • 6mm ARC
  • 22 Nosler
  • .224 Valkyrie
  • Supersonic 300 Blackout
  • 6.5 Grendel
  • 6.8 SPC
  • 7.62×39
  • 9mm PCC straight blowbacks
  • etc.

DO NOT use the following:

  • Receiver Extensions Shorter than Carbine Length
  • Subsonic 300 Blackout
  • AR-10/SR25 or any Large-frame AR’s
  • .308 Win/7.62×51 NATO
  • 6.5 Creedmoor
  • .260 Remington
  • .243 Winchester
  • etc.

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