A3 Upper Receiver Parts Kit AR15

A3 Upper Receiver Parts Kit

  • Fits AR-15
  • Upper Parts Kit
  • Ejection Port Cover
  • Forward Assist
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Introducing the A3 Upper Receiver Parts Kit designed for AR-15 rifles, comprising essential components to complete your upper receiver assembly.

**Key Components:**
– Ejection Port Cover: Safeguards the chamber from debris and dirt, ensuring smooth operation.
– Ejection Port Rod: Facilitates the opening and closing of the ejection port cover.
– Ejection Port C-clip: Secures the ejection port cover in place.
– Ejection Port Spring: Provides tension to the ejection port cover for reliable function.
– Forward Assist Button: Enables manual forward bolt assistance, aiding in chambering rounds.
– Forward Assist Spring: Applies tension to the forward assist button.
– Forward Assist Pin: Secures the forward assist assembly in place.

– Fits AR-15 rifles, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration with your firearm.

Ensure the reliability and functionality of your AR-15 upper receiver with the A3 Upper Receiver Parts Kit, complete with all necessary components for assembly and operation.

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