Kaw Valley Precision Barrel Extender – 1.25″ 5/8×24


KVP barrel extenders are a simple, yet useful part. With the vast array of parts available on the market, achieving the perfect barrel/comp/hand guard fit can be tough. Barrel extensions come in handy when you need just a little more barrel/comp length to work well with your hand guard of choice. Available in three lengths, the KVP barrel extenders add .75″, 1″, or 1.25″ inches of operating length to your barrel. The length of the OD threads is an industry standard .625″. Each extender is precision machined from US steel in a multi-axis Swiss lathe. Each barrel extender includes wrench flats for easy installation/removal. Finally the parts are finished in a Black Nitride QPQ finish which has excellent wear properties and will match barrels that utilize the same finishing treatment.The KVP barrel extenders are designed for 9mm diameter projectiles and smaller. (ex. 9mm, 22LR, .223/5.56 etc.)

Barrel Extender Features:

  • Made in USA
  • Machined from US Steel
  • Black Nitride QPQ Finish
  • Swiss Lathe Produced

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