AIM7 Thread Adapter – 11/16X24 TO 5/8×24


AIM7 Thread Adapter -11/16×24 to 5/8×24 

AIM7 adapters convert BARREL thread pitches “to” desired MUZZLE device thread pitches. For example, 1/2×28 (barrel thread) to 1/2×36 (muzzle device/suppressor thread), converts a barrel threaded 1/2×28 to 1/2×36 for installation of corresponding muzzle devices or suppressors.

AIM7 thread adapters are great for changing the thread pitch on various barrels. This allows you to use muzzle devices even it they are not designed for the original thread pitch of the firearm.

Thread Pitch:

    • Thread Adapter – 11/16×24 to 5/8×24 

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