Aim7 Gen 2 Suppressor Piston (BPISTIN)

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Aim7 Gen 2 Suppressor Piston (BPISTIN)
1/2X28,M13.5x1LH, .578×28

17-4 Stainless Steel 

AIM-7 stainless steel 17-4 suppressor booster pistons are an excellent choice for various suppressor platforms. AIM-7 pistons undergo machining in a single Swiss CNC setup to ensure precise specifications, minimizing tolerance stack-up compared to multi-machine production methods. These pistons receive Black Nitride treatment for enhanced durability and wear resistance.

Please note: It’s recommended to periodically lubricate the piston and O-rings to maintain the smooth operation of the booster assembly.

The AIM-7 Suppressor Pistons fall under the BPISTIN pattern, which stands for Booster Piston, Industry Standard Ten Index Notch.

Suppressors compatible with the AIM-7 Gen 2 Piston include:

– Dead Air Odessa
– Griffin Revolution: Resistance, Optimus 9, and Bushwacker
– Silencer Co: Hybrid, Octane, Omega K, Omega 36M
– YHM: Booster Assembly
– ECCO Machine Phoenix Pistol Cans and Booster Assemblies

Additional information

Thread Pitch:

.578X28, 1/2 x 28 TPI, M13.5X1LH

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