AIM7 1.125-28 Alpha Ultralight Aluminum Direct Thread Mounts

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AIM7 1.125-28 Alpha Ultralight Aluminum Direct Thread Mounts

Created for our ultralight TLX, canine and Caracal models, these 1.125-28 Alpha direct thread mounts made from 7075-T651 aerospace aluminum weigh just half an ounce, and can be used in any suppressor that has 1.125-28 female threads to minimize weight hanging off your muzzle!

All Ultralight Aluminum Alpha direct thread mounts are muzzle registering.  Aluminum mounts are not recommended for high velocity rifle applications.


These precision-crafted aluminum adapters allow you to use your AIM7 ARCHER Modular Comp with different thread pitches. They also work as direct thread adapters for popular suppressors. With a durable construction and black hard coat anodized finish, they ensure reliability. Compatible with multiple calibers. Upgrade your shooting experience now with AIM7 ARCHER Modular Comp Thread Adapters!


Outside Diameter: 1.285″
OD Thread: 1-1/8 x 28 TPI
ID Thread: Varies
Total Length: 0.8″
Added Length: 0.435″
Weight: 0.65-0.70 oz

Features & Tips:

Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Coating: Black Hard Coat Anodized


– Compatible with popular suppressor attachments
– .223, 5.56, .300 Blk, .350 Legend
– Pistol Calibers: Anything .45 ACP and Smaller


Alpha pattern (also sometimes called “Omega 9k”) is another emerging standard supported by SilencerCo, Griffin Armament, Rugged Suppressors, ECCO Machine, Q and others. It is nominally 1.125-28 (1-1/8 28) UNS, female threads in the suppressor/booster housing, male threads on the adapters & mounts. This pattern is typically found in handgun suppressors, although the SilencerCo Harverster 300 and ECCO Machine Furtivus models have Alpha threads.Alpha pattern adapters include:

•SilencerCo AC2447 3 lug (for 9mm)

•SilencerCo AC2448 3lug (for .45)

•SilencerCo ASR Alpha

•SilencerCo Harvester 300 direct thread mounts

•ECCO Machine Alpha direct thread mounts

•Griffin Plan A Alpha

•Griffin Cam Lok 1.125-28 direct thread

•Q Plan B Alpha

•Kaw Valley Precision 3 lug adapter

Additional information

Thread Pitch:

1/2 x 28 TPI, 1/2 x 36 TPI, 11/16X24, 5/8 x 24 TPI, 9/16X24, M13.5X1LH, M14X1LH

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