Infinite 1/2-28 Fake Suppressor w/ Knurled End – Black Aluminum

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Give your barrel a premium look with this Infinite brand 1/2-28 Fake Suppressor! The 1/2-28 threads fit most .22, .223, 5.56, 9mm (pistols), and 17HMR barrels and it’s knurled tip allows for quick and easy installation! Pick yours up today! To install, simply slide this over your barrel as you would a barrel shroud. When installed as intended this does not add any considerable length to your barrel.

Inner Threads – 1/2-28 RH

External Diameter – 1.375 in

Length – 5.77 in

Material – Black Anodized Aluminum

Type – Over-the-barrel installation

Please note: This item is for appearance purposes only and is NOT designed or intended for actual suppression. Some customers prefer to put this sleeve on backward for a different visual appeal.


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